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Speaker Says: Forget Wilson

Kudos to Nancy Pelosi for swatting down the push by some in her caucus to sanction horse's ass Joe Wilson for his huffy little outburst during last night's joint address.

I understand the Dems' are peeved. More than that, Congress is an incredibly self-important club that makes much ado about affronts to its traditions and rules of decorum.

But any distraction from the health care debate is risky business right now. And that's even before factoring in the real possibility that juiced-up Dems would overplay their hand and wind up turning Wilson into a celebrated martyr. At this point, it's best to let the congressman apologize as loudly and frequently as his own party demands, but basically leave him to twist in the wind and gnaw his cuticles as he watches congressional opponent Rob Miller rake in the bucks. (Miller's post-shriek haul was at $200k and climbing as of late morning.)

The Speaker may be a vicious partisan, but she's nobody's fool. Wilson is not worth one more second of anyone's time.