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Barney Frank's Inflection Point

The New Republic is holding a Washington conference called "Inflection Point: Washington & Wall Street in the New Financial System." It will be held on Monday, September 14, a year to the date after Lehman Brothers collapsed--that is, a year to the date after the markets really collapsed, instead of the gradual fall they'd been experiencing in the months before. The big players will be at this event--players from the executive branch, both houses of Congress, and from the banks and other counting houses of our time.

Of course, Barney Frank will also be there arguing his sensible program for reform of how we regulate the public markets. If you've wondered why he has been a bit absent from the medical reform debate, it's because everybody else has been in it, mostly spreading mayhem. Who knows where the health care program will end up?

But there will be real structural reform of the financial system. There's an article in The Boston Globe on Congressman Frank's focus on the structure and ethics of American finance. The piece is by Sasha Issenberg, and it is about how Barney is "relishing [his] pivotal role in [the] overhaul."