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My Favorite Kennedy Reminiscence . . .

. . .  comes from "Steve in Chestnut Hill," who called in with this story to the Boston radio show "On Point":

This is a day full of special memories for me. It happens, coincidentally, that exactly twelve years ago today, my late wife Francesca, who was a lifelong passionate supporter of Ted Kennedy, also died of brain cancer.

And I remember the day we met Ted Kennedy. We had been working on his Senate campaign in the 80s and a party was given for the supporters. . . . He came over to our small group and, to my surprise, he joined into the conversation and said, "How are you doing, Francesca?" and started asking her about her family and what not.

And I was asking her afterwards, "My God, had you ever met Ted Kennedy before?" And she said, "Steve, do remember that he is a politician, and we were wearing nametags."

Some time last night they met for the second time, and this time without nametags. He was naturally drawn to a good looking woman in the room, he came over and put his arm around her and he said, "Francesca, good to see you again.