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After Teddy

Is John Kerry the new lion of a Senate that has been much diminished over the years? Alex Massie says he might be.

Of course, that mantle might well have gone to Hillary Clinton had she stuck around.

Update: Tom Schaller has more, including a list of names from the 1963 Senate, which includes:

Barry Goldwater, William Fulbright, Abe Ribicoff, Thomas Dodd, Richard Russell, Frank Church, Everett Dirksen, Birch Bayh, Russell Long, Edmund Muskie, Margaret Chase Smith; Hubert Humphrey, Eugene McCarthy (and later, Walter Mondale, who filled Humphrey’s seat at the end of that Congress),John Stennis, Michael Mansfield, Jacob Javits, Sam Ervin, Claiborne Pell, Strom Thurmond, George McGovern, Al Gore Sr., Estes Kefauver, John Tower, Harry Byrd, Scoop Jackson, Robert Byrd, and William Proxmire.

Names like Mike Crapo, Patty Murray and David Vitter just don't have the same ring....