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Madoff Has Cancer, Too. Why Not Release Him or At Least Send Him Home on House Arrest?

The New York Post and Reuters both report not exactly that Bernie Madoff has cancer. But that he's told his fellow inmates that he has cancer, pancreatic cancer, at that. Which means that, if the tale is true, he'll be a goner soon, very soon. Unless there's a medical miracle, as sometimes there is even in such terrible afflictions of the pancreas.

Now, a federal judge has sentenced Madoff to 150 years in federal prison, a sentence--as is obvious--he cannot possibly serve. So the master Ponzi schemer is now in the hands of the president as top man in the federal penal system. Since Obama seems to think that Libyan terrorist al-Megrahi, who had 16 years of a 27-year "life" sentence yet to serve, should be put under house arrest until death, why not do the same kindness for Bernie?

Of course, Ruth has already sold their East 60s apartment; and the feds have also confiscated their Palm Beach house, their Riviera residence and even their extremely modest Jamaica Estates abode. And they don't have available their boat either. So where would he go?

Maybe Madoff should stay in prison or bunk with his partner and friend Ezra Merkin.