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What Did We Do To Deserve Quentin Tarantino?

A small TNR contigent spent Friday night at the movies. Specifically, we went to see the new Quentin Tarantino flick, Inglorious Basterds. I think I can speak for my colleagues when I say that despite some good writing and fine acting, the film is one of the most morally repulsive movies of the past decade. While that debate can wait for another day, I did want to comment on Quentin Tarantino's appearance on Charlie Rose the same evening. To say that Tarantino is one of the more conceited and arrogant people alive would count--after watching this interview--as a considerable understatement. From a transcript of the show, I have pulled the top five highlights/lowlights:

1. [After watching some clips from his previous movies]. It`s good to be back. Actually, that was a little fun -- if I say so myself, that was a fun little oeuvre. I was kind of getting off on my own work there.

2. ROSE: Well, I once read where you said that I can do film criticism as good as anybody I've ever read. Tarantino: I would -- I would agree -- probably not Pauline Kiel and maybe be short of Andrew Sarris, but after that.

3. And I actually think it's one of the reasons why the characters became so vivid, because it was more like a novel.

4. ...and there are a whole lot of people, actually the "Film Comment," "Sight & Sound" crowd actually look at my work and say, there is "Jackie Brown" and then there is everything else.

5. On Reservoir Dogs: "And I actually think it's kind of a perfect movie."