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The Mouse that Keeps Roaring

When last we checked in with's Erick Erickson, he was loudly threatening to make reported Palin naysayers from the McCain campaign--Steve Schmidt, Nicolle Wallace, Mark McKinnon--"political lepers" by mobilizing his readers to work against any candidate foolish enough to hire them in the future. But that was small beer compared to his latest ultimatum, offered in response to the news that about a dozen companies have pulled their advertising from Glenn Beck's show following his comment declaring President Obama a "racist" with a "deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture":

Two of the companies, GEICO and Progressive, are run by liberals. But that’s not the case with all the others.

The best response is to remind all of these companies that there will be repercussions from our side if they are so willing to become pawns of the left.

Corporate America is trembling, no doubt.

Incidentally, if Fox News's comments to The New York Times are accurate, these companies are hardly profiles in political courage, having merely moved their slots from Beck to other Fox shows for no net revenue loss.