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Dispatches From Durban II

April 17: Should I Be Scared?
Will Durban II spur the same anti-Israel, anti-Semitic vitriol that plagued Durban I?

April 19: Libya On Trial
Libya, an egregious human-rights violator, is the face of this year's conference--oh, the irony!

April 20: In Search Of Anti-Semites
Where's the sloganeering, chanting, and hate-filled rhetoric?

April 20: Live-blogging Ahmedinejad
The Iranian president speaks; the EU walks out.

April 20: Following Ahmedinejad
Journalists, big-name protesters--who attended A-jad's press conference?

April 22: Spoiling For A Fight
The conference was supposed to be filled with anti-Semites. What happened?

April 23: As I Was Saying …
Pro-Israel activists vastly outnumber anti-Israel activists. No, this certainly isn't Durban I.

April 24: Battle of the NGOs
How to hijack a UN panel.

April 24: With Friends Like These
Meet the anti-Israel movement's most unexpected allies.

April 15: Israel's A-Team
The Jewish state may have boycotted, but meet their group of stealth student diplomats.