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The Trouble With Bipartisanship

At least as Chuck Grassley defines it. From MSNBC's "First Read":

Senate Finance Committee ranking member Chuck Grassley admitt[ed] that he probably wouldn’t vote for any type of bill -- even if he got everything he wanted in it. “I am negotiating for Republicans, and if I can’t get something that gets more than four Republicans, I am not a very good representative of my party,” he told one of us on MSNBC yesterday morning. When pressed if he’d vote against a bill that he considered a good deal, he replied, “It isn't a good deal if I can’t sell my product to more Republicans.” So this begs the question: Why is the White House still negotiating with him, unless Grassley truly believes he can whip up more GOP support than McConnell and Kyl.

 That's a good question.

--Jason Zengerle