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Lowry's Anti-mccarthyism

National Review editor Rich Lowry writes, "The birthers have been denounced by every reputable conservative." So, he's employing disreputable conservatives? Or is Andy McCarthy so far to the right he's not a conservative? I'm open to either interpretation.

My favorite McCarthy passage:

There’s speculation out there from the former CIA officer Larry Johnson who is no right-winger and is convinced the president was born in Hawaii that the full state records would probably show Obama was adopted by the Indonesian Muslim Lolo Soetoro and became formally known as “Barry Soetoro.” Obama may have wanted that suppressed for a host of reasons: issues about his citizenship, questions about his name (it’s been claimed that Obama represented in his application to the Illinois bar that he had never been known by any name other than Barack Obama), and the undermining of his (false) claim of remoteness from Islam. Is that true? I don’t know and neither do you. 

--Jonathan Chait