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A Bit More About Hillary...and A Tidbit About Her Friend Sidney

Apropos my last posting: what J.F.K. did was to substitute Mac Bundy for his secretary of state Dean Rusk.

What Barack Obama has done is make himself his own secretary of state. No crime.

In the meantime, I've come across another reason everyone should shy away from Mrs. Clinton. Apparently, she is about to appoint Sidney Blumenthal to her staff at State. Here is a person who knows near nothing about foreign policy, and what little he thinks he really knows is all wrong. I've had experience with him. He worked at TNR for a few years, never producing anything remotely important. His employment was my responsibility.  Please blame me.

Sidney is, however, very loyal to Hillary, slavishly loyal.

He also owes me $3,000 from a quarter century ago. I forgive the three thousand, but not him.

I do not hold the written rantings of his son Max against him.

P.S. As I was about to send in my SPINE, a very knowledgeable person informed me that Hillary has had second thoughts about Sidney. No one ever said the lady was stupid. So maybe he won't really be on the federal payroll, after all. In which case he can compete with his progeny for space on the far left blogosphere.

Or do hagiography at the Wlliam J. Clinton Presidential Library in Dog Patch.