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Cheney 2012?

Via a very excited Michael Goldfarb, The Washington Times reports that Liz Cheney is considering running for office. I concede to being excited about this, too--although presumably for different reasons than Goldfarb. One of the galling things about Dick Cheney--and his supporters--is their presumption that they speak for real Americans or a silent majority or some other significant portion of the electorate. But the truth is, Cheney hasn't really been accountable to actual voters for more than 20 years--the last time he was elected to Congress. (Sure, he was also elected vice president, but as the bottom half of the ticket, with no intention of ever running for the top spot, he was an unusually unaccountable veep.) Dick Cheney's never going to run for office again, but having his daughter run could be a clarifying moment. Yes, she's a "former State Department lawyer" ("Thanks, Dad!") who's a frequent presence on the cable shows and the WSJ op-ed page, but does she--and her views, which closely track her father's--actually have a big enough constituency to win an election? I have a hunch about the answer to that question, but I'd like to know for sure.

--Jason Zengerle