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Self-parody Watch, Liberal Fascism Edition (continued!)

When Glenn Beck and Jonah Goldberg get together, the viewer is almost guaranteed amusement--amusement of the liberal fascism variety. This was from Beck's television show, courtesy of a reader:

GOLDBERG: ...when Hillary Clinton talks about the politics of meaning, that we have to get our meaning, our meaning -- you know, not from our souls or our church or our family, but from politics, then you are opening up a realm of a vision of life which says that if you disagree with me on politics, if you disagree with me on political philosophy or ideology policy, you're a heretic, you're outside, you know, decent life. And then you get this kind of crazy talk that we get from Krugman and others.

BECK: And that leads to -- the last time that happened, Dark Ages.

GOLDBERG: Yes. Well .

BECK: Dark Ages. When politics becomes faith and religion .

GOLDBERG: That's right.
Isaac Chotiner