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Lesbian Poet Laureates! Beware!

Who among us does not respect good, serious reporting? Over at The Corner, John Derbyshire has a big story, and kudos to him. In a post entitled 'Culture Watch,' he notes:

Radio Derb is up, with a scoop. I believe we are the first to report that the Poets Laureate of both the U.S.A. and, as of last week, Britain are middle-aged lesbians.

On the radio show itself, which I dutifully listened to, Derbyshire informs us that the British poet laureate looks like a "stevedore", and calls her another "whiny, self-obsessed gay lefty." He also claims, ominously, that it is "no coincidence" that both America and Britain have gay poet laureates. Do I smell a conspiracy? Derbyshire's formidable reporting should be able to sniff it out.

--Isaac Chotiner