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History, According To Roger Cohen's Sympathetic Comrades

On April 20, President Ahmadinejad addressed the world from Geneva, not quite saying that the Jewish catastrophe during the Nazi was exactly an invention. But he came perilously close. Ban Ki-moon is taking credit for this specific omission. Still, the speech was an outrage. And, as you all know, it provoked a walk-out of all European delegations from the racism conference. Well, what about countries who want to be admitted to the European Union? Turkey remained in the hall, thank you, in an act of solidarity with the Muslim countries which don't break ranks when they are in a Western environment.

On the morrow, an official Iranian web-site took up all of the cudgels, including an attack on Theodor Herzl for exploiting the Holocaust even though he died 35 years before it began. Another vicious insinuation is that Auschwitz never existed since no one has ever met a survivor from Aushchwitz. There are some camps with left almost no survivors, like Sobibor. But Auschwitz was lucky--if luck is the right word--because of resistance within and the arrival in time of the Allied armies.

Read this nightmarish prose, transmitted by MEMRI and written by some Iranian idiot for his government and his people. And, since I suspect that Roger Cohen looks in on this space, who don't you, Roger, read it, too? It probably will give you comfort.