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In Search Of Better Fox News Critics

I admit I'm one of those people who doesn't watch Fox News but relies on other people to watch it for me. So, up until today, almost all of my knowledge of Glenn Beck came from this front-page article the New York Times ran on him earlier this week. After reading the article, I came away with the impression that he was as the article was headlined: "Fox News's Mad, Apocalyptic, Tearful, Rising Star." In other words, not my cup of tea. But it wasn't until I saw this critique of Beck that Stephen Colbert did last night that I realized the NYT article way-understated just how truly awful Beck is:

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Now, obviously, Colbert has an advantage over a newspaper, in that he's not objective, plus he has video. But I really can't believe how far the NYT fell short in accurately describing Beck's show. He's not Howard Beale; he's Father Coughlin.

--Jason Zengerle