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Stop Namecalling, You Idiots

 Your weekly (daily? hourly?) dose of Michael Steele:

Embattled Republican National Committee Chairman Michael S. Steele lashed out at GOP infighting Tuesday....

At a fundraiser for the Anne Arundel County Republican Party that raised $36,000, the former Maryland lieutenant governor jokingly acknowledged the rough road he has traveled since taking over the national party this year. "Someone told me this whole chairmanship thing would be a cakewalk," he told the crowd of more than 400.

So, immediately after decrying party infighting, Steele takes an idle swipe at the Iraq hawks. At the same event, though, he did urge partymates to be more like him--""unconventional, unpredictable … to do from time to time the unexpected"--so perhaps his taunt falls into that category.

There was some speculation that if the GOP didn't carry the special election in NY-20 yesterday--where Republican Jim Tedisco currently trails Democrat Scott Murphy by a hair, pending absentee ballots and any legal challenges--Steele might be deposed as RNC chair. Stay tuned.

--Christopher Orr