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87 Signatories

The letter to President Obama protesting his designation of Charles Freeman as chairman as of the National Intelligence Council appears here. I neglected to attach the names which, both Chinese and American (and Chinese American), are interesting in and of themselves. Here they are below.

I believe that the Freeman appointment is the most disastrous one Obama has made. It is both unprofessional and cruel.

1. Dan Wang, Visiting Fellow at St. Antony's College of Oxford University, UK (He was no. 1 of the 21 student leaders on the Chinese government's "wanted list" after the 1989 Tiananmen massacre. He spent 4 years in Chinese jail.)
2. Su Xiaokang, Chinese writer in exile, Delaware
3. Li-Zhi Fang, University of Arizona, AZ
4. Juntao Wang, Scholar, New Jersey. He got a 13-year sentence for his role in 1989
5. Fengsuo Zhou, Engineering, San Francisco, President, Chinese Democracy Education Foundation (He was no. 5 of the 21 student leaders "wanted" by Chinese government in 1989)
6. Gang Liu, Finance analyst, New York, (He was no. 3 on the "wanted" list of 21 student leaders after Tiananmen. He got a 6-years sentence in prison.)
7. Li Jinjin, former student participant in Tiananmen protests, lawyer, NY
8. Zhang Lun, former student leader in Tiananmen protests, in exile, Paris
9. Hu Ping, writer, editor of Beijing Spring, in exile, NY
10. Danxuan Yi, former student leader and imprisoned for his role in 1989 Tiananmen protests, business management, Boston
11. Tong Yi, former student participant in 1989 Tiananmen protests, imprisoned for 2 years, lawyer, NJ
12. Feng Congde, former student leader in the 1989 Tiananmen protests, Editor
13. Jian Zhang, student participant in 1989 Tiananmen protests, exile in France, Christian priest
14. Pokong Chen, independent writer, New York, (A student leader in Guangzhou and imprisoned for his role in 1989)
15. Zheng Cunzhu, democratic activist, CA (former student participant in Tiananmen protest)
16. Shao Jiang, PhD student, University of Westminster, UK (student leader of Peking University in 1989)
17. Jing Zhang, Editor of World Journal, New York, participant of 1989 movement in Guizhou Province
18. Mo Li, teacher, writer in exile, served in Chinese prison for participating in 1989 protests, Sweden
19. Yenhua Wu, participant in the 1989 protests, General Secretary Chinese Constitutionalists Association, CA
20. Xu Wenli, Democracy Wall activist, served many years in Chinese prison, Senior Fellow, Watson Institute for International Studies, Brown University
21. Yang Jianli, former political prisoner, President, Initiatives for China, Fellow, Harvard University
22. Chen Kuide, Editor-in-Chief of China in Perspective magazine, VA
23. Tao Ye, Staff Engineer, Minnesota, (President of Minnesota Chinese Democracy Foundation)
24. Xiao Qiang, University of California, Berkeley, CA
25. Bob Fu, President, China Aid Association
26. Sara L.M. Davis, Ph.D., New York
27. Victor H. Mair, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
28. Jonathan Mirsky, China journalist
29. Arthur Waldron, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
30. Paul Mooney, freelance journalist, Asia
31. Philip Williams, University of Montana, Missoula, MT
32. Bob B. He, Madison, WI
33. Judy J. He, Madison, WI
34. Shawn Zhang, Illinois
35. Zheng Xing, researcher, Davis, California
36. Jian Zhou, researcher, Los Angeles, CA
37. Steve Rasin, Associate Director, Cedar Management Consulting, Singapore
38. Arthur J. Liu, Esq., Inter-Pacific Law Group Inc., Oakland, CA
39. Yu-Tai Chia, San Jose, CA
40. Jen-Philippe B