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Today On The Tnr Blogs

At's The Vine, Bradford Plumer debunks George Will's go-to myth for why climatologists must be wrong about global warming:

In his Washington Post column today, George Will writes that climatologists were all forecasting "global cooling" back in the 1970s, and, because they were so spectacularly wrong about that, we shouldn't pay much heed to their current predictions about catastrophic global warming, either. My, what a fascinating column idea! Or, rather, it might have been fascinating if this was only the first time Will had tried this stunt. But it's not. He's peddled the "global cooling" canard numerous times before, and it's been debunked again and again. Why George Will would want to use his platform to mislead readers rather than enlighten them is his own business, I guess, but someone has to sweep up the wreckage, so here goes.

On's The Treatment, health care consumer advocate Anthony Wright explains why the health care crisis is just as critical as the unemployment problem for workers at large companies like McDonald's:

On top of its questionable nutritional impact on the health of the nation, McDonald’s benefits to its workers aren’t much of a contribution either. In fact, the fast food giant could emerge as a big, if not the biggest, opponent of health coverage reform efforts this year--even more than the usual suspects of insurers, drug companies, and the like.

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