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Out Of Their Right Minds

To judge by posts like this one by Peter Wehner at NRO and this one by Abe Greenwald at Commentary's Contentions, the right really believes that the Obama administration is in free fall, with the Judd Gregg withdrawal as just the latest in a string of catastrophic mistakes since taking office just over three weeks ago. Andrew Sullivan takes this as a sign that the GOP has gone to "war" with Obama, which implies that all the hysteria on the right side of the blogosphere is somehow contrived to help the GOP triumph in this war. That's one possibility. But here's another: The right may actually believe that they're witnessing the effective collapse of the Obama presidency less than month after it began. And if so, I wonder: What will these folks do when and if the polls show that Obama's approval ratings remain high? Will they then recognize how far out of synch they are with the mood of the country? Or will they burrow deeper into denial, indulging in endless fantasies of Obama's self-immolation? 

It's going to be a long four years.