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What End To The Culture War?

Writing over at NRO, theocon Michael Novak expresses some concern with the new president's intention (expressed on the revamped White House website) to overturn the federal Defense of Marriage Act and to grant some legal rights and privileges to same-sex couples. (Note that nowhere does Obama defend gay marriage as such.)

Here is Novak:

From these announcements we learn that President Obama recognizes no difference between the Jewish-Christian covenant between a woman and a man (a covenant that they will have and nurture children, if they are so blessed), and a civil contract between two persons of any sex, in order to set up a household of affection and sexual favors.

This is a relapse into paganism.  

A relapse, after two millennia, into paganism? During the past week? Wow, that was fast! I'd heard Obama was a talented politician, but this is truly impressive. Just think of all that we pagan-Americans will be able to accomplish over the next four years! (When do the state-sponsored orgies begin?)