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Reed Hundt For Commerce

So the Bill Richardson debacle ended up confirming a truism about the Commerce Department—it is a hack hole. And when Obama takes his mulligan and replaces Richardson, he will be undoubtedly tempted to sub out one hack for another. But why not take the job seriously for once? Given the massive structural questions facing the U.S. economy, the job might demand a secretary with a little bit of wonk, let alone vision. There’s one name rattling around the Transition HQ that is very attractive on these counts: Former FCC chair, Reed Hundt. You won’t find many people who have thought deeper and harder about the Internet and the business of the Internet. During his time at the FCC, he helped shape much of the infrastructure and protocol of the Web. (And, for what it’s worth, he has also spent a lot of time thinking about the electrical grid, too.) The guy has energy and intellect and a theory of the global economy. If you don’t believe me, you can read his TPM blog, where he has been a brutal critic of Washington sports clubs.

--Franklin Foer