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From The Tnr Archives: Thomas Geoghegan

Chicago lawyer Thomas Geoghegan, who is a candidate for Rahm Emanuel's vacant congressional seat, spent years writing about progressive causes for The New Republic. For the residents of the Illinois 5th (as well as the rest of us), we've created an archive of Geoghegan's many TNR pieces. Below are some standouts:

"Why Americans Don't Save," July 17, 1995. Here, he examines why baby-boomers, unlike their thrifty parents, exhibit such a strong propensity to spend. 

"Glory Days," May 28, 1989. In this one, he says that the labor movement, in order to stay relevant, needs to adapt to the modern economy. 

"Chicago, Pride of the Rustbelt: America's Greatest City," March 25, 1985. Geoghegan argues that Chicago's unique geography, vibrant cultural heritage, resistance to the burgeoning yuppie movement, and working-class demographics make it much more than the best "little secret" in the country.

Calcuating the Costs

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--Daniel Belkin