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Agent: Rosenblat Told Me That Love Story Is Fake

Well, they're all talking now. Herman Rosenblat's agent Andrea Hurst just emailed her statement regarding the canceled memoir, Angel at the Fence:

"It is with heavy heart that I share what I learned today from my client, Herman Rosenblat, about his book, Angel at the Fence. Herman revealed to me that part of his memoir was not true.  He'd invented the crux of this amazing love story--about the girl at the fence who threw him an apple--which drew my attention when I read it in a major magazine two years ago.  All of the story about Herman in the concentration camps and the love and survival of him and his brothers, he states is true. For a personal statement from Herman please check"
"I understand why Berkley has chosen to withdraw publication of this book. Like millions of others who read this story or saw Herman and Roma on Oprah, I never for a moment questioned the authenticity of the widely circulated story. I know that everyone who has worked so hard with Herman this past year is as stunned and disappointed as I am that this story of hope has such a sad ending."

--Gabriel Sherman