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Penguin Silent On Rosenblat Memoir

Penguin still hasn't responded to claims that Herman Rosenblat's memoir, Angel at the Fence, is embellished, or invented. This afternoon, Publishers Weekly contacted Penguin to respond to my piece, but no one at the publisher was available for comment.

Harris Salomon, the film producer making the $25 million dollar movie adaptation of Rosenblat's memoir, is fighting back against Prof. Kenneth Waltzer's claims that the story may not be true. After my piece ran, Salomon wrote Waltzer and told him that he had "referred this matter to our attorney," according to Waltzer. Salomon also has put in calls to Waltzer's dean, the provost and the president of Michigan State.

"Unfortunately for Mr. Salomon, additional evidence has turned up," Waltzer wrote me in an email this evening. Waltzer continues to investigate Rosenblat's story. He's now in the process of uncovering new evidence, which could prove that Roma Radzicki's family could not have been hiding in Schlieben in the winter of 1945, the time when Herman says she threw him apples at the fence.

--Gabriel Sherman