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Should Republicans Pray For Rain In Nh?

While RealClearPolitics has listed New Hampshire as a "solid" for Obama (up by 12.3), McCain is still putting in time in the state where he launched his national career and came back from behind to win the Republican primary, speaking last week in Manchester.

Manchester is a town in Hillsborough County (population 402,302), where the vote was split down the middle for Kerry and Bush. Also in this county is Deering, which was split 50-50, as well as Mason, Lydenborough, Greenville, and Antrim, all by which Kerry won by only one percent--not to mention several other towns by which Bush only won by an equally slim margin. To say the least, this county would appear to be quite a toss-up and maybe that's part of the reason McCain is still focusing energy there when the state would otherwise seem like a lost cause.

All over the county, the weather forecast seems to be pretty consistent at mostly sunny with a 20 percent chance of precipitation. But the monthly averages around Hillsborough County for November are pretty high--4.11 in Greenville and 4.13 in Antrim. Because the margins are so slim in this county, like we said about the other Hillsborough County in Florida yesterday, weather could end up pushing the state's four Electoral College votes towards the GOP.

McCain certainly appears to think there's a chance. In his speech last Wednesday he said, "I love New Hampshire. I know I can count on you. I'm asking you to come out for me one more time"--rain or shine.

--Amanda Silverman