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Ugliness Watch (or Not?)

Even Michelle Malkin is skeptical about the alleged act of anti-McCain brutality in Pennsylvania that Drudge is pushing like crazy.

She's right: That backwards 'B' is pretty hard to explain.

It's worth noting that even if true, this sounds like a standard robbery with an insane, politically-related act tacked on after the assailant noticed a McCain bumper sticker. Even in the victim's telling, the original assault was not about politics.

Reasonable caveats from Ed Morrissey (who is also a little dubious): 

Not too many young women would scar their faces just to create a political hoax.  As for the reversed/upside-down B....  [i]t could have gotten reversed on the computer, or the attacker may have had her on the ground with her head upside-down in relation to his.

Clearly something terrible happened here, but I'd be happy to say nothing about it because it has no real relevance to the campaign--except that it's clear some people, notably Drudge, are determined to make it an issue in a critical swing state where race is probably a factor. (Yes, her attacker was allegedly African-American, which I assume is supposed to give it special resonance in certain quarters that John Murtha can tell you about.)

--Michael Crowley