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The Wasilla Dig

From Jane Mayer's excellent article on the Palin pick in this week's New Yorker:

From the start of her political career, Palin has positioned herself as an insurgent intent on dislodging entrenched interests. In 1996, a campaign pamphlet for her first mayoral run--recently obtained by The New Republic--strikes the same note of populist resentment that Palin did at the Convention: “I’m tired of ‘business as usual’ in this town, and of the ‘Good Ol’ Boys’ network that runs the show here.” Yet Palin has routinely turned to members of Washington’s Old Guard for help.

Seems like a good time to repost that pamphlet! And how about Palin's now-famous doodles! See also Noam Scheiber's backstory on how he found them and the piece that came out of his time in Wasilla.