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Democrats Who Voted No

A lot of holdouts from the safe-seat left, including three of ten members from Massachusetts (Delahunt, Tierney, Lynch), much of the Congressional Black Caucus (including John Lewis, Sheila Jackson-Lee, Barbara Lee, Bennie Thompson, and Bobby Rush). Also notable: Lynn Woolsey, a strong California liberal who is extremely close to Pelosi; Hawaii's Neal Abercrombie, another leading progressive; and Dennis Kucinich.

A surprise yes: Oklahoma freshman second-termer Dan Boren, son of former senator David Boren, and a Democrat in a very pro-Bush area.

Full roll call here.

Update: By commenter request, here one statement of liberal objection, from Lynn Woolsey:

"Where is the comprehensive economic stimulus package that will assist 95 percent of the taxpayers — a package that includes unemployment benefits, food stamps, infrastructure investment, and of course, foreclosure relief? Stability should come from the bottom up. We need an economic package that will allow those in foreclosure to pay their mortgages and stay in their homes, bringing value back to the mortgage-backed securities that are clogging the financial system. Why isn't Wall Street paying for the mess they created? By reinstating a one quarter of 1 percent surcharge on stock trades, we could raise nearly $150 billion a year from those who have actually caused this mess and profited from it. Finally, question three: With only three months left of this current Administration, why are we willing to even make available $700 billion to them? President Bush and Secretary Paulson have been wrong from the start on just about everything. If you think they will be responsible with this money, think again."

The linked article notes that Pete Stark--along with Woolsey and Barbara Lee, "arguably the most liberal lawmakers in what's arguably the nation's most liberal region"--also voted no.

--Michael Crowley