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Steve Schmidt, Not A Math Major


One of the odd qualities that football coaches have is a failure to grasp the definition of "100%." Somehow, 100% is anadequate for them. When I played in high school, we sometimes got helmet stickers saying "101%," if we were deemed to have given that much effort on a given play. (I would accept my sticker without pointing out that this was impossible.) Perhaps due to hyperbole inflation, coaches today seem to implore their players to give 110%.

Now I see that McCain chief strategist Steve Schmidt has called the New York Times "completely, totally, 150 percent in the tank for the Democratic candidate." Wow, that's really in the tank! A paper that's only giving 110% bias, like maybe the Washington Post, would be totally slacking off by comparison.

Perhaps it's no coincidence that Schmidt aspires to become a football coach.

--Jonathan Chait