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Tnr Tv: Foer Interviews Gerard Baker

The Times of London U.S. Editor Gerard Baker chats with TNR Editor Franklin Foer about the false impressions Europeans have of Obama and the distinctly different views that the European public and government officials have of John McCain.

--The Editors

More live coverage from Denver on TNR TV

- Fairbanks slips into the “Hillary Suite,” ground zero for the still-not-over-it crowd, where she interviews a diehard holdout. 

- TNR Editor Franklin Foer and Fairbanks discuss the Obama-Hillary rift, Biden's appeal, and what Obama needs to accomplish at the convention.

- Foer and TNR Senior Editor Michael Crowley debate Michelle's speech, what Bill should say tomorrow, and the first day of the Democratic convention.

chatshis ideal Joe Biden speech, what Obama has to accomplish this week, the fatal weakness of those John McCain ads, and his favorite 2008 convention moment.

- Scheiber and Fairbanks debate Hillary's speech: Did she go far enough in praising Obama? Will her supporters be convinced? Is the media being irresponsible by harping on this drama?