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What The Obama Campaign Has Learned From Coach K

Ana Marie Cox asks Obama body man Reggie Love what he learned about politics from playing basketball for Duke. Love responds with some dreck about "being a part of something that is a lot greater than you" (although he does get credit for not mentioning the fist.) My question to Love would have been, what has the Obama campaign learned from Duke basketball? Judging from the angry emails I get from an Obama press person every time he disagrees with something I write, I'd say that Love has taught the Obama campaign some of Coach K's lessons on how to work the refs (although the Obama press person does get credit for, unlike Coach K, never dropping any f-bombs).

P.S. Mind you, I'm not complaining. I'm actually sort of impressed by the Obama campaign's vigilance. Besides, better it learn the ref-working lesson from Duke basketball than the one about collapsing late in the season.

--Jason Zengerle