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Edwards Shrapnel Hits Texas Senate Race

From the fundraising email from Texas Senator John Cornyn that arrived in my inbox last night:

Recently, Dallas trial lawyer and Democratic sugar daddy Fred Baron revealed that he was the financier of John Edwards’ illicit affair.

In the last week there have been literally thousands of articles written about Fred Baron, but [Cornyn's Democratic challenger] Rick Noriega has been noticeably silent.

Why? Because Baron, a Dallas based asbestos trial lawyer, and his wife Lisa Blue have given thousands to Noriega. They also held a fundraiser on June 16th at their Dallas mansion for Noriega during which their fellow trial lawyer buddies put tens-of-thousands more dollars into Rick’s campaign coffers.

CQ Politics notes that Cornyn's larders are stuffed with money and that "Republican officials think [he] will be fine," but his re-election campaign isn't taking any chances on politeness. The fundraising email begins, "It’s a sad day when a political candidate chooses campaign cash over conviction. Unfortunately for Rick Noriega, that day seems to be every day."

--Eve Fairbanks