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Obama Needs Salazar

I've been pushing--not that anyone seems to care--Ken Salazar as the ideal Democratic nominee for vice president. He has many relevant qualities, including that he has had a great deal of experience in state politics (he was attorney general of Colorado), which should commend him. He is an Hispanic American whose family has lived in his state long before it was a state. That's American aristocracy, with a homey touch. By the way, his brother is also in politics, being a member of the U.S. House of Representatives. He is bright, articulate, moderate. Yes, a centrist Democrat, strong on defense and very alert to the needs of th  poor and the middle class. He has supported the war, mildly.

I've written much of this before. But I write it again because of Nate Silver's posting on the polls today, "Barack's Bad Day," on The Plank. Damn it, this is important:  According to Silver, citing a University of Texas survey,  Obama is behind fully ten percentage points in the Lone State. In Colorado, according to the Rasmussen poll, Obama has fallen behind McCain by one percentage point after being ahead by three points. These are not good numbers.

I do not believe that a black and a Hispanic on the ticket would scare anyone who would remotely think of voting Democratic.

Mike Crowley touted Sam Nunn again today. What's up with you, Mike? Nunn is as popular as milquetoast. Why doesn't he run the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace or something else cerebral and slightly irrelevant like that?