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If Only...

I know this quote landed hours agao, but what in the hell was Howard Wolfson thinking when he started babbling to about how John Edwards cost Hillary the nomination? If only Edwards had come clean about the love child, so the theory goes, Iowa voters would have abandoned the horny little shmuck and flocked to Hillary, who would have then steamrolled to victory. 

Maybe. Maybe not. And maybe Hillary's incredibly incompetently run campaign would have imploded at a later date. Who can say? As I have ranted about previously, "ifs" ain't worth much in politics. I mean, if Bill Clinton hadn't been driven insane by the South Carolina primary, how different might the scene be today? If Hillary hadn't broken down and cried in New Hapmshire, would the race have ended there? If Mark Penn weren't loathed by pretty much everyone on Team Hillary other than Bill, would things have been better? What about if Bill and Mark had run the race with an iron fist from day one? What if Hillary had listened to all her friends and put someone other than Patti Solis Doyle in charge starting out? What if the Hillary camp had figured out how the hell to run in a caucus state? What if what if what if what if what if ...   

As it is, all Wolfson's comment serves to do is remind of the narcissism of Clintonia. John Edwards has been outed as a pathetic lying tool. His widely revered wife has been implicated in his politically idiotic coverup. There is a baby out there whose paternity will remain a matter of gross public speculation because of the breathtaking childishness and selfishness of the parents (whoever the hell the dad is). And Team Hillary wants us to think for one second about what this may have cost them? Boo hoo hoo.

I like Howard. He was a generally forthright guy on a campaign that could be ... um, challenging to deal with. But this nakedly bitter comment suggests some members of Hillaryland need to adjust their meds, seek additional grief therapy, and get some perspective.

--Michelle Cottle