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Get Well, Prince Of Darkness

I'm sure many around Washington will be blogging about the news of Bob Novak's brain tumor, but indulge me for a second anyway. 

I like and admire Novak, and even on occasion agree with him. (Hey, no one thought the Iraq war was a stupider idea than he.) The man has the courage of his convictions, something that didn't prove the case with many conservative thinkers under this particular administration. Novak knows what he believes. He sticks by it. And if you--or all those nutty neocons or congressional big spenders--don't like it, you can all go take a flying leap.

More personally, Novak has always been exceedingly nice to me whenever we've run across each other on Capitol Hill, the campaign trail, or the makeup room of some random cable studio. He has helped me with the occasional article. And at some long ago presidential debate (I'm thinking it was Boston in 2000), when I was without rental car, he even offered to drive me downtown to the event from the far-flung hotel where we were both staying. I still count that ride as among the most harrowing experiences of my career.

More recently, some of the most fun I've had on TV was squabbling with Novak on Al Hunt's political chat show on Bloomberg. The on-air gabbing was fine. But listening to Novak and Hunt swap stories and insult each other before and after the segment was a gas. I swear the two behave just like an old married couple.

Anyway, this is all by way of wishing the Prince of Darkness a speedy return to health. Conservatives need someone to keep them honest. Washington journalism needs someone to keep it colorful. And I need someone to call for stories about the good old days. 

But I swear to god I'll never get in the car with the man again.

--Michelle Cottle