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Comment Of The Day: White-washing Helms

On The Plank, Jonathan Chait chides conservatives for trying to white-wash the civil-rights record of the late Jesse Helms. Commenter DawnCandace adds a bit of fire to Chait's fury:

Here, here Chait. After Helm's death I was very dismayed by the white washed eulogies published in various media outlets and given by many republicans. Everyone seemed to be praising this man as a fine public servant who was dedicated to freedom. Such blatant bull crap! Jesse Helms was an lifelong racist and bigot who was opposed to the principles of freedom. If he had his way, people like me (read black women) would still be relegated to working as washerwomen and mammies and would have no access to education and advancement. I don't think that speaking the truth is speaking ill of the dead. I rather people be honest rather than put forth outright lies. Perhaps such a policy would further encourage people to lead exemplary lives worthy of praise once they die rather than to spend their days working for the cause of hatred and division.

--The Editors