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Mandela On Mugabe

It's almost like seeing Mugabe in the flesh.

Which reminds me of a suck-up editorial in yesterday's Globe about Nelson Mandela. You see, Mandela has finally come around to saying a critical word about Robert Mugabe. Well, actually, it was not so critical. Here it is from the Globe: "...Nelson Mandela lamented Robert Mugabe's 'tragic failure of leadership'."  That'll scare him, alright, and scare all the other murderous tyrants in Africa.

What got the Globe so excited?  "Mandela waited a long time to decry the crimes of Mugabe, no doubt because the 90 year-old Mandela wished to remain true to a credo that has earned him justified respect."

So what was that credo? "After one five-year term as president, Mandela walked away from power in 1999, resisting any temptation to criticize his successor or other African leaders." Wow! How heroic!