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Starlet Weirdness

Now that Mike has opened up the discussion: It isn't new for Scarlett to deny the weirdness of a relationship with an older man. Take, for example, this statement from an April 2008 Paste interview--in which she identified Woody Allen and Barack Obama as two of her "five dads":

"I don't know why relationships between men and women are always pigeon-holed into being some kind of push-and-pull for sexual power. I'm always kind of weirded out when I'm interviewed by people who say, ‘Gosh! Woody must be in love with you.' It's like, ‘fucking expand your mind.' We have a great friendship between us and I have such a fondness for him as a person. I can appreciate his quirks."

It probably doesn't mean anything, but "five dads"?

--Barron YoungSmith