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Andrew Young: Still Defending Mugabe

Almost everybody in the West is now criticizing Robert Mugabe, and the
opprobrium has now gone as high as the next president of the United States
-- that is, both candidates for the office -- so the butcher of Zimbabwe will
barely have a friend anywhere. Except, to be sure, Andrew Young.

Young, with the soft voice and the doe eyes, long ago turned into a cash
carnivore, fronting for Africa's tyrants in corporate board rooms and
congressional offices.  Once an idealist and aide to Martin Luther King
Jr., he began to be a cynic-supporter for the terrorizers of the world when
he picked the cause of Yassir Arafat, long before Jimmy Carter did. Now
-- like Thabo Mbeki, the great AIDS expert to whom hundreds of thousands of
South Africans owe their deaths -- Young is defends the despoiler of
Zimbabwe.  "He does not steal," Cynthis Tucker quotes Young speaking
in Mugabe's defense, "he is a fundamentalist Roman Catholic."  Well, he
does steal, and from his own people. And he maims and murders them, too.