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Yentl The Yenta Now Supports Barack Obama


Who else -- with her first favorite, Hillary, out -- was Barbra Streisand going to support? John McCain?

Of course, this was big news in the Los Angeles Times. "In addition to lending her legendary pipes, Ms. Streisand's support is important to Mr. Obama for several reasons. She's a woman, she's a longtime friend of the Clintons, and she's Jewish."

God help a country whose presidential candidates depend on the backing of stars and starlets, aging ones, no less.

I know that Babs is a woman and an intime pal of Hillary and Bill. I also know she's Jewish. She once even sang the Hatikvah for and to Golda Meir. But Streisand just shunned Israel's big 60th birthday bash in Jerusalem, which she had first promised to attend. Jews who care about whether a Jewish songstress is going to sing for Obama will care more that she cut herself off from Israel exactly at the moment when other fashionable people are doing the same. Jean Luc Godard, for example.