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Is Jonah Hill The New Johnny Depp?

...or the new Richard Grieco? Entertainment Weekly:

 21 Jump Street by way of...Jonah Hill?! Yes, it's true: The breakout Superbad comic and Judd Apatow acolyte is in negotiations to develop a movie adaptation of the popular '80s TV show starring Johnny Depp.

But wait, there's some bad news:

It hasn't been decided whether Hill will actually star in the movie, but Sony confirms that he'll work on the screenplay and serve as executive producer.

Not star? What a waste that would be. I can't think of a better hook for the movie than featuring Hill--and is it too much to hope for Michael Cera?--as drunken, foul-mouthed, sex-obsessed high school dorks who are actually undercover cops zeroing in on a teen drug ring... 

--Christopher Orr