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Team Hillary Fires Up The Ladies

On Saturday, Team Hillary supporters received an email from strategy co-captain Geoff Garin, subject lined "The double-standard," expressing Garin's distress and disbelief at how political watchers continue to accuse Hillary of running a negative campaign while giving Obama's negativity a pass. Noting, "I strongly believe that Hillary, who is out on the stump every day talking about her solutions for America, is getting a totally unfair rap on this count," Garin invites supporters to read his recent WaPo op-ed on the subject and submit feedback to the campaign.

Not to overanalyze, but does anyone else see the "double-standard" subject line (and general theme) as loaded? It is, to some extent, what we talk about when we talk about sexism. And if one were trying to rally Hillary's base of women voters, talk of a woman being held to an unfair double-standard would be a quick way to subtly push some buttons. Not that Team Hillary has bothered much with subtlety when it comes to the gender card thus far.

--Michelle Cottle