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Best. Columnist. Ever.

That would be Bill Kristol, who takes right-wing hackery to ever dizzying heights on today's NYT op-ed page with his inevitable column on Obama's San Francisco remarks. My favorite part is the column's stirring conclusion in which Kristol doesn't just compare Obama to past outoftouchDemocraticelitists Kerry and Gore but actually argues that Obama's more of an outoftouchDemocraticelitist than those two:

And what are the grounds for his supercilious disdain? If he were a war hero, if he had a career of remarkable civic achievement or public service — then he could perhaps be excused an unattractive but in a sense understandable hauteur. But what has Barack Obama accomplished that entitles him to look down on his fellow Americans?

At least, I think Kristol is referring to Kerry and Gore here when writes about the war hero and the career public servant. Or is he referring to John McCain--who, after all, has said things similar to what Obama said when talking about immigration? That's the beauty of Kristol's column: Utterly predicatble and yet in some way unknowable at the same time. 

--Jason Zengerle