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Do We Need Major Technological Breakthroughs?

Via the IPCC, Joseph Romm lists the technologies we need to deploy--now, and within the next couple decades--if we want to stabilize atmospheric carbon concentrations at 450 ppm by 2050. He concludes by asking: "So, is the IPCC right? Can we stabilize below 450 ppm with these technologies (and the ones in the full report)? Are there 14-plus wedges here? I think so. Stay tuned."

I will, of course, stay tuned, and when he posts his follow up, I'll bring it to you. The take away, though, is that we haven't yet reached the point at which we'll have to rely upon a carbon-swallowing pony to stabilize carbon concentrations at 450 ppm by mid-century. Which is good news indeed, but also a reminder that the longer we go without implementing the technologies already available to us, the more likely it becomes that the technologies we expect to be available in 2030 simply won't cut it. And then we'll need a pony.

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