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How Many Is "too Many?"

Perhaps it's a waste of time to comment on the rantings of John Derbyshire over at National Review. But something he wrote today struck me as particularly egregious. In his speech, Barack Obama spoke about contemporary school segregation. Granted, none of this segregation is de jure, and some of it is a result of choices made by parents both white and black. Nevertheless, Derb remarks:

It's true that there is widespread school segregation today. In my state, 60 percent of black students attend schools that are at least 90-percent black. From what I can see, the main reason for this is the great reluctance of nonblack parents to send their kids to schools with too many black students (emphasis added). Do you think that they — actually we, as my wife and I share this reluctance — are wrong to think like this?

How many black children, John, are "too many?"

--James Kirchick