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America, F*** Yeah


Ok, it can't help but make me sound like a conspiracy theorist, but the fact that John McCain's victory speech was staged in front of a huge banner announcing the fact that he won '1191 delegates' can't help but recall Rudy Giuliani and his denial of death strategy.

P.S. Let's be honest, invoking 9/11 is becoming this century's waving the bloody shirt. It recalls past calamities for political purposes and, as the GOP has since it's founding--from the Civil War, to Woodrow Wilson, to FDR, to Harry Truman and Dean Acheson, to Lyndon Johnson, to George McGovern, to Bill Clinton--implies that Democrats are traitors, or at least treasonous in the sense that they're unwilling to defend the United States. Even if I'm hallucinating about the first point, I'm definitely right about this second one.

--Barron YoungSmith