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Rick Majerus Wades Into The '08 Campaign!

It turns out that Saint Louis University basketball coach Rick Majerus--last seen on the Plank disappointing legions of his gay male fans--is a big Hillary supporter. This wouldn't be that interesting, except that Majerus told a St. Louis TV station that two of the reasons he's backing Hillary are her pro-choice views on abortion and her support for stem-cell research. Which has prompted St. Louis Archbishop Raymond Burke--last seen denying communion to John Kerry because he's pro-choice--to question whether Majerus should be coaching at a Catholic school like SLU. I think Burke would be on firmer ground in his anti-Majerus stance if he focused on the fact that SLU scored just 20 points in its conference opener.

P.S. Meanwhile, Brown hoops coach Craig Robinson, who's supporting Obama (who happens to be his brother-in-law), has his team 1 game above .500.

--Jason Zengerle