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Will Huckabee Take Down Romney?

Eve did a nice job poking some holes in McCain's current frontrunner status. But here's one big thing working in McCain's favor: it looks like Huckabee's going to be his wing man. Politico's Jonathan Martin writes:

For people reading between the lines, Mike Huckabee’s concession speech here Saturday night dropped some enticing hints that his presidential campaign now has an agenda other than getting elected president.

Huckabee’s new role: Mitt killer. 


[A]s long as Huckabee is campaigning vigorously, he is likely to draw a sizable bloc of social conservatives — and deny former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney the direct one-on-one contest he is hoping for against McCain. 

McCain's best chance to win comes from a crowded, divided GOP field. Romney's best chance to win comes in a one-on-one battle against McCain. And Huckabee, by staying in the race, is giving McCain--and denying Romney--exactly what each candidate needs.

--Jason Zengerle