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With Eleven Hours Until Polls Open In South Carolina...

In case you haven't read our South Carolina coverage this week, here's a roundup. In her jaunt around primary country, Eve Fairbanks encountered Southern yuppie prudery and creative ways of breaking the wall between church and state. After Romney's Michigan upset, she attended a Mitt Romney revival that evoked a U2 concert and discovered a new phenom: pro-Romney women in heat.

Of course, the main S.C. attraction is campaign dirt. Some GOP establishment figures, including Rush, have been boosting Mitt (who's been awkwardly shoring up his pro-life credentials), while bashing Huckabee and McCain. McCain has been pandering on immigration and praying for rain. Meanwhile squirrel-roaster Mike Huckabee's campaign is living off old ads from Iowa and employing an ingeniously grubby free media strategy.

The biggest story of all, though, may be that South Carolina politics just aren't that dirty this year.

Eve will be posting on The Stump through the election tomorrow, bringing you all the on-the-scene action from the South Carolina Republican Primary.

(Cross-posted here.)

--Barron YoungSmith